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Crochet purse handles tutorial

Hello my friends!

Some of you may know I have a Pinterest profile--it's hard not to get addicted to that place! I've discovered so many gorgeous things to craft, so many talented people... but above all, I've been creating a sort of "box of favourite crafts" I can get back to when I get the time and the opportunity to try something new.

On my dwellings I found this image of crochet purse handles, and a link to the blog with the tutorial.

The blog is Roberta Crochet & Cia and the tutorial is written in Portuguese... so when I saw someone asking for a translation (sorry, I can't find the original request!) I offered to do so.

Here's my translation, hope it's clear enough (it really is very simple!)

Crochet purse handles

Step 1

Make a chain 140 stitches long (approximately 90 cm long) and make 4 rows of sc (single crochet). Slip stitch the top and bottom rows together to form a tube. Join both ends of the tube, to form a circle. Reinforce these stitches to make sure they don’t come apart.

Step 2

Make a chain 35 stitches long (approximately 20cm) and make 8 rows of sc. Form a roll around the tube you made in step 1 and slip stitch it together, top and bottom row of your crochet strip.

Step 3

Chain 3;
Row  1: 3 sc;
Row 2: 4 sc;  
Row 3: 5 sc;  
Rows  4 to 16: 6 sc;
Row 17: 5 sc;  
Row 18: 4 sc;  
Row 19: 3 sc;

You can make it wider or longer if you’d like; work with crab stitch or single crochet around it to finish off . Make 2 to secure the purse handles onto the purse itself.

Please refer to Roberta's blog to see all images, I only added one for each step here but she has a step by step tutorial with more images. Thank you Roberta, for your very clear tutorial!

Hope this is useful! 

Have a wonderful week :)

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  1. Teresa, love those handles, thanks for sharing them. I am on Pinterest, too, but I am not quite sure what to do with all those beautiful pictures.
    Hugs to you,

  2. Very useful and very good! Thanks for takign the time to do this. I am also addicted to Pinterest. I am going to log in now and follow you.
    xo Susan

  3. that is so clever !! wonderful idea :)
    hope all is well

  4. Hello Teresa,
    I was very happy with your visit to my blog. I liked seeing my straps on his blog. I am grateful for the disclosure. Always be welcome back anytime there. A big hug.

  5. Hi! I'm Nina, very happy seeing Roberta's craft on your blog. xoxo

  6. Beautiful.Sou brasileira.Adorei seu blog

  7. Beautiful. Thank you making them now for a crocodile purse!

  8. From looking at the original post, it looks like a size G hook.

  9. I just made black handles for my bag and love them...thank you for the great tutorial!

  10. I just made these in black and LOVE! Thank you for the great tutorial!

  11. hi!i m from India.i love these these handles!and very easy to crochet!thanks for sharing!

  12. hi! my name is nisha.i m beginner in crochet.but these handles are so easy to make and looks beautiful!thank you for sharing!!


It's always great to read your comments! :) Thank you!


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