domingo, 22 de janeiro de 2012

Winter Roses

I've been playing around a bit with Blogger today... do you ever get bored of your current layout and try to find something different that matches your current mood or taste or whatever? That's what happened to me. I just felt it needed a bit of a change, but I'm not 100% pleased with it yet. So... don't be surprised if you stop by for a visit and it's changed again! :)

Also--I've been a bit AWOL from here.  A bit like my silly camera which is still missing (I hate it when store things away so well I can't find them!!!) Not away from your blogs, I always read them, even if I don't always comment. I've been in a bit of a blue mood--matching the beautiful color of the sky, as we still haven't had a glimpse of Winter around here. Chilly when the sun sets, but barely a cloud in the sky and the sun always shining. So I should be perky... right? 

Though not blogging much, that doesn't mean I've been idle. On the contrary. I had to borrow a camera to take a few pictures but here's one of my latest works and one that pleases me a lot.

It's the Holden shawlette, made from a gorgeous hand-dyed and handspun wool I got from Rosário of dona maria blog. Isn't it the prettiest yarn, with all these shades that range from pale pink to a slight peachy color and deep red? A true bunch of roses! And I'm really excited to see the new yarns she's been spinning--next weekend I'll be going to a Spin and Knit meeting in beautiful Sintra, a group of yarn fans happily gathered around a table with tea and cake :) 

I probably should have used a bigger number needles to get a lacier look though this way it's warmer too. Next time I'll know better! :)

Did you notice the lacy, embroidered and crocheted white thing peeking from under my shawlette=
When I went looking for something white to make these colors stand out I picked a linen bed sheet I had stashed away in the bed linen drawers. It was in my mother's layette (or is it Trousseau?) and she handed it down to me, to cherish and love and... not dare use it! 

It's a beautiful, light, gorgeous linen fabric, hand embroidered with silver and pink silk flowers and with a wide crochet edging along the top

Can you see how tiny each one of these little wheels is? I placed a 1 euro coin next to them to put them in perspective.

Hundreds... hundreds of tiny little wheels, attahced to each other one by one, making a foot wide edging for this bed sheet. I can't imagine having the patience to make one of these bed sheets... Plus the embroidery all over it!

So... have you (re)discovered any handmade treasures lately?

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Your blog looks lovely....

    The shawl is lovely that pink is gorgeous. Can't wait to hear your opinion on the knitting group, must be so much fun ;-)

    Well and the beautiful crochet in the sheet, well absolutely gorgeous!!!

    Have a great week


  2. I love the way your blog looks. I switch mine up a bit occasionally, but time is precious and I just don't take the time to get too extensive.

    Your mother's linens are beautiful. You are right, you couldn't possibly USE them. But they shouldn't be folded away either. You should put them on display somehow, to be enjoyed, don't you think?

    How is your job doing? Have you found that work/home balance?

    Good to hear from you.
    xx, Carol

  3. Well, I just love your shawl and all the pink tones are just me... the embroidered and crochet sheet is just exquisite and I would truly love to own it. It is a work of art. x

  4. OMG that sheet is amazing. Such detail and such beautiful work for a sheet. And your shawls is gorgeous, the color is so beautiful. And your blog looks fantastic, so all in all I say you awe winning on every level.
    Hugs to you,

  5. I get VERY bored with my blog look too!

    Your shawl is lovely, and I'm very jealous of you going to knit in Sintra. Lucky you :-)

    The work and patience that has gone into that bedspread - I bet that was done on a really tiny hook, so I know how much work goes into that. I usually only make doilies when I'm in Portugal because the light is so much better, and they're generally made with a 1mm or 1.5mm hook. Yours is beautiful.

    Jo x

  6. your shawl is beautiful...and that sheet is to die for!! imagine sitting and doing it...I can't!!


It's always great to read your comments! :) Thank you!


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