domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

Finally over... my little Ta-Dahhhhh! :-)

It's over! So now I can keep going (remorseless) with my other projects :-)

What do you think?

The bottom kind of looks like a starfish

Here it is again!
But this isn't all I've done this weekend... tried out some of Valeria's yummy cupcakes and she was absolutely right, they're fantastic!

Not nearly as pretty as Valeria's (I'm new at this! :-( ) but they sure taste good!
Some of the boys don't like frosting (how is that even possible??? so I left a few without...)
Today we were at the countryside--unfortunately no pictures, but hopefully next weekend I'll have some because we'll be back! Today was for cleaning, trimming trees, weeding and getting ready for hubby's birthday party next weekend... aside from recharging the batteries in Nature! :-)

And now off to make some flowers... African... Italian... Belgian... and have to find out if there are any Portuguese flowers too! Maybe Marlene can help...?

Happy hooking! :-) xx

21 comentários:

  1. Gosh I love that little purse! Its so cute. The perfect little summer bag.

  2. I also like the little star fish will be great to take to the seaside!!
    thanks for the visits....

  3. Just gorgeous!!! Can't wait to learn how to make something like that!

  4. Your bag is beautiful! I love the colour combination.

  5. it's gorgeous! you are very talented x

  6. Lovely bag Teresa, you did a fantastic job.
    Have a great day,

  7. Teresa, If you want the pattern of the Belgium Flower,send me please email because I've lost all my emailadresses.....I can only send this evening,tomorrow I go to the hospital ....

    Lovely greetings

  8. Carol, I think it will look good with summer clothes too :) Bright, cheerfull colors to keep the mood up! :)

  9. Marilyn, the starfish was just accidental (to start with) but when I saw how it was turning I was really happy with it :) And you're welcome, I love reading your posts!

  10. Cheri it's quite easy, just start making some African Flowers... I can explain (in a couple of days, I'm a bit sore from surgery today...sorry!) how to put them together if you'd like!

  11. MeMe Rose, thank you so much for your comments--I'm a bit of a "doodler", compared to your work, but I do love crafts and especially crochet and knitting...

  12. Meredith, thank you! It was a busy and sort of stressfull day, but it's over now and I can't wait to get back to my walks :)

  13. Sending you an email, Marjo! And sending you lots of get well wishes too :)

  14. I love this little bag. Do you have a pattern? I would love to make this for my daughter. I have been seeing these at Kohls. Crochet is BACK in Kohls, lots of little sweaters and purses. Yours is So Cute!


  15. Thank you, Eileen!
    It's really easy... I'll try to make up a tutorial :) looks like there are a few people interested in it!

  16. oh i just love that litle bag ,lovely colors to

    youre cupcakes looks awesome to
    have a wonderful day

  17. Ohhhh Valeria, they're not nearly as beautifull as yours... but you were right, they are really good and nearly all gone! Too bad the boys don't care for the frosting, I had to eat it for them lol :))))
    I'll have to try a lot more of your recipes!

  18. Oh it's such a lovely little bag, well done!

  19. Hi Teresa, yes I have your address now... will post tomorrow!

  20. I just love this bag you created! The starfish on the bottom is brilliant! Teresa, thank you for your comment today. You too? Ohhhhh dear! It's truly an epidemic. And I'm having a cruise around your blog...seeing your recent post about radiation and the broken machine. Good for you for standing up for yourself! I've long said that everyone needs an advocate because sometimes one is just too down and sick to stand up and fight. Oh so many emotions come to mind with your story.


It's always great to read your comments! :) Thank you!


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