sexta-feira, 15 de abril de 2011

Things that make me happy... and sad

One of my oh so many WIP's... can you guess what's coming out of this (I hope!) ? I know it's a bit odd looking but... Let's see!

Mistery WIP
I'm happy, I found a great book full of yummy stuff to make--I want to order a couple more online, they're so much more expensive here!
So many gorgeous projects to try out!

A few other little things that made me happy...
Brand new sandals I've been drooling over (Mom says they look like belly dancer sandals... I just wish I were in shape for that... lol... time to work on those new year resolutions that are stashed away and lose weight!!!)

My hydrangea are about to bloom :))))
and my chrysanthemus are nice and flowery
It's kind of late for these... I'm not really sure what's coming out of my hiacynths and my daffodills!

So... all in all, it's been a good week! 

The bad part is the news from Marjo--she was still waiting to hear the result on her biopsy and it turns out she will have to go through chemotherapy... why not pay her a little visit here or here and leave her a nice message? I bet it will help her feel better... Let's keep sending her good thoughts so she will get through this bad phase quickly!


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  1. I actually really love the sandles.. I cant wear them becasue of fat ankles lol..

    Anyhoooo I just stopped by to say what pretty flowers you have crotchet, but no I have no clue in what your WIP is lolx

    Have a groovy weekend xx

  2. Hi Teresa! I have no idea what your mystery wip is...will have to come back and find out!! I used to wear sandals like that...many many moons ago! Have a great week end...

  3. Hi Teresa
    I've got that same book. It is a pretty good reference source. I bought it when I started to teach myself to crochet last year. I love your sandals, and you don't have to be in shape to belly dance. That's the beauty of it, any age, any shape, any fitness level. You do what you can and just have fun!

  4. i think it will be a bag or something like that :) say im right hehe

    and i love those flowers to ,i cant get enough of flowers these days

    sending prayer to youre friend ...

    hope you have a wonderful weekend

  5. when I first saw your WIP I thought it was a sleep mask... awaiting flowery embellishment! Pleased to hear you have had a good week, sometimes its just necessary to have a little treat and I love getting new books x

  6. Teresa,

    I want to say that your sandals are beautiful, I like them very also know that my englisch is not so good, so I whisper now in your ear,(what is a WIP?)hihihih....

    have a nice week and're a lovely friend.....

    Lovely greetings

  7. was just blog surfing and found your and it great. the knit and crochet bible just bought it for myself and i thought i knew everything.

  8. Hi Teresa
    I don't know what your WIP is, but its looking good!!

    LOVE your sandles. I live in flip flops as much as I can, but must admit I stated out with them on today and had to switch to socks and slippers. My tootsies got cold! Good to know you are looking for project books!

    Wow, you have spring flowers and fall flowers (mums) blooming at the same time!!

    Stay warm!!

  9. Teresa, you are so lovely. I sent Marjo a little comment on The Flower Bed. I love the sandals you look fab in them.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  10. Teresa, você é para mim realmente um pilar da economia, apesar de vivermos milhares de quilômetros de distância, quando .....


    PS How is my Portugese language ? hihihihihi

  11. Teresa,

    What is a WIP ?
    And how is my Portugese language ?

    Lovely greetings

  12. Marjo, a WIP is a Work In Progress, something you're working on (it took me a while to figure out that one lol)
    I don't know about a being pilar in economy (which is how that translates) but I think I understand what you meant--and you're a sweetheart, you deserve all the support you get! :)


It's always great to read your comments! :) Thank you!


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