sexta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2011


It's official, I'm 48. 

It's such an odd feeling! 

As a child I thought a 48 year old person was... errhhhh... old... and probably a grandma...

As the years have passed this feeling has been continuosly changing and now I totally understand my 94 year old Grandma when she talked about that "old lady" at the nursing home who was 70... 

Age is definitely in our mind and in our heart, not in the years that have gone by. 

I am not a grandma (thank goodness!!! my son is still too young for that!) and I definitely don't feel or behave old :)

And I am so happy to be 48 and alive and well! 

I am such a lucky person, my health is back, my family is big and we all care for each other, I have a job I like (even though I'll need to relearn when I go back, I've been away for so long) and I appreciate all of life's gifts and beauty... and I have met so many wonderful people here!

So... here's a little gift from me to you, and a big THANK YOU for all your support through rough times these past few months!

It wouldn't be the same without you :)

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS dear friend...!
    Make it a lovely day today...uo to 49 !!!!


  2. GONGRATS !!! on youre birhtday :) we are only as old as we feel (thats why im only 19 ) haha

    have a wonderful birhtday my friend

  3. That means I'm a teenager at heart too, Valeria lol! Thank you, my dear friends :) I hope we will still be celebrating together when we turn 90 :)))) (ok, maybe 20 at heart ;) )

  4. Happy Happy Birthday.
    Our attitudes are the very same. I'll be 60 in October but think so much younger. Life is GOOD!!
    xx, Carol

  5. Happy Happy Birthday Teresa and many happy returns of the day...hope you had a very special one and thank you for the lovely flower!!! :)
    I am still 19...many times over!!!

  6. Happy Birthday to you....
    Happy Birthday to you....

    I love that you are 48!!! I am 47 and so happy I am still here to celebrate!!! You look great, you are healing and you are going to have a great year.


  7. Happy Belated birthday! 48 years YOUNG! I hope this year brings many dreams fulfilled, happiess, creativity, and love!!! Happy birthday <3

  8. Happy birthday Teresa...hope you had a wonderful day and many adventures for the year ahead x

  9. Thank you, my dear friends--it was a wonderful day--only my brother and his family missing, they had to go back to Florida on Tuesday :(
    I wish US ALL many happy hooking days together and all the health in the world! :)

  10. As someone told me, the definition of "old" changes as we age and unless the person is more than 10 years older than us, they CANNOT be deemed to be old. LOL And compared to ME, you're a BABY! Congrats on your birthday. I believe it's the Chinese that look upon every birthday as cause for celebration of having lived another year...and the more celebrations you have under your belt, the better! Hugs, Annette


It's always great to read your comments! :) Thank you!


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