domingo, 30 de outubro de 2011

Hello, my lovelies!

I've been a bit away from here... but not completely! In between striving to learn some new skills and getting reacquainted with work schedules and replanning "silly stuff" like grocery shopping (which can be fun if you have the time to do it off of rush hours and at your own pace but is completely annoying when everyone else is trying to do it at the same time as you) I'm still managing to maintain some sanity... with some yarn around my fingers :) Hopping on over to check out what you're doing, leaving a comment or two here and there and staying in touch by mail and phone with Marjo and Carla...

Not much time for nice pictures, yet... but let me tell you I've finished off a few WIP's, yeaaay!!! The one I'll be sporting tomorrow (and hopely getting a pretty picture of) is a shawlette where I've pinned one of Marjo's beautiful flowers   and let me tell you, it looks wonderful, if I may say so myself. 

Right now I'm finishing this cowl and about to move on to the hat--I'm not really a hat / beanie type of person but I'll give it a try, the colors are so yummy!

 Tempting, this little sweater, isn't it? I've been trying to control mysel... making a few things for Christmas gifts  and not all for myself lol!

And before I take off... for those of you who are granny squares fans... here's a great easy and fun idea--it would look awesome with a black turtleneck under it! A total of 6 granny squares, 2 large ones for the front and back and 2 smaller ones for each sleave.

(All of these are patterns by Katia, made with their yarn Darling and are in their Fall / Winter magazines)

I'll be back soon, hopefully with pictures of my own work :)

Oh... and by the way, hop on over to visit Marjo's Cosy Corner, she's feeling a bit under the weather and at the hospital right now and needing a lot of good wishes!


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  1. Teresa, glad to see you are doing well. I am so glad you said something about Marjo. I do not know what she is saying on her blog so I leave a message here and there. I will hop right over and send a hug. Hugs to you too of course.

  2. I talked to Marjo a little while ago, she sounded ok but she was very tired from all the hospital visits this weekend. I think her guardian angel has been busy watching over her! :) I hope to call her again tomorrow and see if there are any news

  3. Thanks for the update. She is always in my thoughts. I usually keep up with her when she posts on The Flower Bed as she posts in English. Give her my love and please keep me up to date if there is a big change or any news.
    Hugs to you,

  4. OH! I am glad to read from you again :) i love these pictures. My wrist is still hurting too much to crochet, but I want to try and make that awesome sweater from the granny squares. i LOOOOOVE it :) I am also sending Marjo some love. It's very sweet & thoughtful for you to send out a request on her behalf. It speaks a lot about the woman you are: kind, loving, giving, caring!

  5. Hi Teresa, sounds like you are keeping busy. Love that sweater and the granny square top is very cool. Will stop by to wish Marjo well. Best wishes for a great week. Tammy

  6. It's so nice to have a post from you, and your inspiring photos.

    It was so lovely to catch up yesterday, and I can't wait to meet you very very soon

    Have a great week Darling and be positive xxx

  7. hey there my friend ,nice to see you back here ,ive been away to ,not in blogging feeling but still around ,i think my blogg is dead haha

    anyway look forward to see more of you

    love Valeria

  8. No, I don't have your email :) In a post that I will make in a couple of days, I will show some of the cute things in the Hello Kitty book that you can make. That way, you can tell me which patterns you would like! Maybe you will have better luck that I. I have trouble reading patterns!

  9. You're such a lovely friend...thanks for your comment..I will phone you tomorrow evening ....


  10. Just wanted to pop in and say hi. Hope you're coping well with being back to work! Hugs, Annettea


It's always great to read your comments! :) Thank you!


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