quinta-feira, 1 de setembro de 2011

Cushion duo ta-dahhh!!!

Hello again  :)

Last night it rained cats and dogs--I do love that expression! Does anyone actually use it or is it just something we learn in school...?--and we had promises of a nasty day for today, lots more rain and hail storms all over the country. What a way to go, August!

The first day of September woke up yucky... I could hear the boat horns on the river as the day broke and decided it was too grey to get out so soon (still at home, as you can see...) but when I called it quits and opened the shades the sun was shinning yeahhhhhhh!!! Just perfect to take a few pictures to show off my latest productions :)  The two cushions are ready!

They started out by being one--front and back--and then I decided I would need at least another one for the sofa and split it in 2... that's when I called out for your help, remember?

The front...
...the former back...
...and the new back for both, made out of some former baby curtains...
Joined together by making a blanket edging on the fabric (is that what it's called?) and then a small crochet edging in a matching color, pink on one and white on the other.

Do you like them?
And now... of course I needed a new WIP...

So this beauty 

...just arrived at the right moment! Hand dyed by Ana Cerveira, who has the blog Mãos de Sapo e Pés de Pato (Frog hands and Duck's feet :) ) a Portuguese girl who dyes yarn and wool for spinning and has the most beautiful yarns and rovings you can imagine--hop on over to pay her a visit, I just noticed she has some new beauties available! And they come wrapped in red tissue paper with these little cards and a nice word (she also takes custom orders, I believe)

A mixture of summer and autumn shades that make me all warm inside...
 I can't wait to start to knit a new scarf! Or cowl... or... whatever it is, it will make me happy! I'm all set to welcome the crispier weather :)

So... what are your current projects?

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  1. WOO-HOO! The cushions turned out great :) I love them both! Nooooow, I am just going to have to sit and wait to see what you do with this beautiful yarn! I love the colors. Definitely, my favorite color palette :)

  2. Wow, they are lovely!!!

    Well done!!

    And the 'cats and dogs' expression we do use it still.

    The yarn is so beautiful too, very wintery ;-)


  3. Cats and dogs comming out of the sky....? Wowww that's why my garden was so full today !!!hihi LOL

    I love the cushions, so amazing beautiful ....and that new yarn !!!!! wow such a lovely colour...what's it gonna be ????


  4. Thank you, my dear friends!
    I'm probably going to make a scarf with this yarn (only about 120gr of it...), I'm trying to find a nice airy pattern for it!

  5. Teresa the flower is ready for you on the blog...
    love that new yarn you do know about Ravelry don't you...lots of inspiration on there for you...
    have a good evening and see you later...

  6. How beautiful! They turned out so well, the backing fabric is perfect and I love the edging. I'm pinning...

    Yep, we say "it's raining cats and dogs" in the UK, though more often we say "it's pissing it down"!

  7. Love the pillows you did a great job, so perfect withthe material you picked out. And can I say I am jealous about the new yarn, it is amazing. Have a great weekend,

  8. i like to say its raining men :)
    but wow youre pillows are super great way to go girl ....
    love that new yarn it would be perfect for a shawl or a pair of nice pretty socks ,i just bougt some yarn i plan to try out as socks or maby mittens ,really whanna make newfoundland mittens for me this time.

    cant wait to see what you make of that yearn

  9. I love your cushions Teresa. I particularly like the edging - how did you do the edging? I also love your blog banner at the moment. The new yarn looks very autumnal and will make a beautiful scarf. x

  10. I love making cushions...they're so rewarding. Yours are beautiful, Teresa. Love the colors, the patterns...hmmmm, just delicious!

  11. E eu estava tão feliz de ouvir sua voz novamente ... você é um amigo muito querido ... obrigado ....


  12. The cushions are so beautiful and I love that skein of yarn, can't wait to see the finished scarf.


It's always great to read your comments! :) Thank you!


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