sexta-feira, 17 de junho de 2011


It's such a lovely day out that I decided it was too nice to stay indoors. 

So what should I do? I feel like working, and should stay out of the sun... That's it, I'll camp out on the balcony! It's a bit of a garden, there's no sun right now but a lot of light, and I can enjoy my work while not feeling trapped indoors. 

It took me a little while to bring everything out--the chair, the stool pretending to be a side table with my lunch, the laptop, the camera, the crochet bag...Did I forget anything...? Hmmm... easy enough, I'll just step in to grab it.

Now, the next question... what shall I work on? I brought a few things along... my knitting (oh I soooooooo love those colors! Can't wait to finish and wear it!) an old crochet magazine and a few balls of cotton yarn... 

Probably one of these lovelies, for a change of pace! 

Pantera thought this whole situation was a bit odd... she's not used to seeing me here for a long time!

... but then decided to help out with the gardening and started trimming the lemon grass :)

Well, off I go to start something new, hopefully something pretty. Catch you later!


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  1. The Dutch was very good, but did you understand where it was going about ?(I mean the comment) eating ...mmmmmmmm

    you have a lovely place on the balcony...everything round you...and what are you knitting ???lovely colours ...

    Marjo from a chilly Belgium
    (in an hour I will put on my woodstove because it's cold here, I feel like cold brrrr)

    boa noite e bom fim de semana

  2. I had to give up and came to my bedroom by the window, it's nice and sunny here! And it was terribly windy and even a bit chilly at the balcony :(

  3. Well done

    Here doesn't stop raining, really miserable

    Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine


  4. Teresa, I love your balcony. It is so hot and humid here in Florida there is no way I could sit outside. I would be a big sweating mess. The color of your knitting project is amazing, I would love to hear more about it.
    Happy Friday,

  5. Yes, yes...tell us more about that scrumptious delight on your knitting needles! My fingers are itching to touch it! What is it? And, although you had to move inside, I loved seeing your little corner of the world! Your working environment contains just about all of the same things that surround me...except for lunch! What a beautiful that tile! How are you recovering from the attack of the radiation? Are you healing? It heals quickly once the attack ends. The skin's ability to regenerate itself is miraculous! x& a BIIIIG "o", Annette

  6. Olá Teresa!
    Realmente o tempo está excelente e é uma boa ideia ficarmos lá fora a aproveitar e a fazer o que mais gostamos.
    Acho que um dia destes faço o mesmo!
    Bom fim de semana!

  7. It's chilly right now, Meredith--it gets down to 63ºF at night,which is cold for this time of the year, and stays close to 75ºF during the day, which is a nice temperature but not so nice with the wind chill factor and in the shade. I miss heat--real heat!--as silly as that may sound! Especially the wonderful warm evenings when you can go outside without a light sweater.
    Annette, just about everything is fine now! You're right, the regenerating power of our skin--and our body!--is amazing. There is only one tiny little spot that is still a bit reddish but even that is improving, slowly but surely.
    That yarn is 100% cotton, called Degradé Sun (color 63) from a Spanish brand, Katia. I love the yarns they have... and this one just hit the spot! The fucsia turning into a peach color are the gorgeous colors of a pink grapefruit, they make me think of summer and warmth and... and all things good!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Oh lucky you! I have two balconies but can't use them right now since temps over around 115 and we've had dust storms for days. Boo! Enjoy your "camping" days. Best wishes, Tammy


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