terça-feira, 28 de junho de 2011

My new kitchen :)

A while back I promised I'd post some pictures of my kitchen after all the work we had done there. 

We had an infiltration to the appartment downstairs (nasty stuff :( ) and when we began fixing things up I thought it was time to redo it--it was my least favorite area in this entire house! 

And now you'll see why...

This was my old kitchen. As is traditional over here, tile flooring and walls, but I absolutely hated them--how ugly could they be?! 

But then there was no real reason to change, it was still functional and it was expensive to redo it... but the insurance company chipped in too :) The stove was in desperate need to go as well as the water heater...

A lot of work, replacing all of it...

But it was worth it!

I kept the top cabinets to reduce costs (they were still in reasonable shape) as well as the table and chairs and liked the idea of a slightly separate laundry area, so we created that glass wall that keeps the clutter of folded-clothes-waiting-to-be-put-away-in-the-closets out of sight while letting all the light come through. 

I chose a neutral shade of tiles for the floor and walls (yeahhhh!!! got rid of those ugly ones!) and put a granite counter top--is that what it's called?--that matches both the cabinets and the walls and is VERY sturdy... That way I can create different looks by varying the dish towels and curtains without having to redecorate the entire thing again!

Most people were a bit sceptical with my decisions, especially keeping the top cabinets, but when they saw the final result everyone had to admit it looks good :) (don't you just love the splash of color that beautiful potholder gives it?) Nothing hanging on the walls so far, I dread making holes on the new tile lol...

Now I just have to find time to get the fabric for the curtains to add a bit more color...

What do you think, do you like it? 


11 comentários:

  1. Absolutely lovely

    Well done!!!!

    Mine is just been plastered .... lucky you

    Excellent choices


  2. Thank you, Carla! :) I love it too, if I may say so...
    Did you see this post on your feed? For some reason my last posts don't seem to show up on other people's walls... how strange!

  3. Funny we have similar colours, my cupboards are light and my tiles black ;-)

    Mine are fine, if you mean the blog, they appear, but I also have you in my Reader, which for me works much better

    Have a great evening


  4. Oh, wow, I love it! So fresh and pretty. Nothing beats a brand new kitchen. :)

  5. I love it! I really like the glass wall too. I have always liked those blocks and have wanted a glass block shower ~ sigh~.

    Your kitchen is beautiful.

  6. Teresa, I love it. We are about to start picking things out for a kitchen and floor redo....I am not looking forward to the mess, but after it is done I will be thrilled.
    Hugs to you my friend,

  7. hi teresa,

    i love the kitchen !!!!! so beautiful !!!!!!!


  8. I just found your lovely site!! Your kitchen looks wonderful!! Don't you find something new and fresh like that gets your creative side in overdrive!!! I've been reading some of your older posts....I too have found this incredible blog world a real life changer..so many people all over the world...and so much alike ....that says something to me..and now we can connect to one another..in a lovely peaceful way...I'm so happy to have found you!

  9. Your kitchen looks great :) i hope it inspires some delicious meals!!!

  10. Your kitchen looks wonderful...it must be such a good feeling to have a new kitchen!! Mine isn't old, but I did not choose it myself x

  11. It's beautiful, Teresa! Reconstruction can be so stressful and dirty - but the end result is so rewarding! I love your potholder! Great idea to go neutral so simple color changes with accessories can make it all new again! Hope the weekend ahead is full of peace and joy for you! x&o, Annette


It's always great to read your comments! :) Thank you!


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