quinta-feira, 9 de junho de 2011

Today I won a battle

Today I won a battle. At least I feel like I did.
I finished radiation therapy, last battle I had in my war against breast cancer. In fact, the last battle against any type of cancer, because I do not want to go through this again. Twice is enough for a lifetime, in fact twice is enough for several lifetimes. I will still have a bit of a rough time recovering from radiation, but that's peanuts compared to all the rest that I've left behind this past year. Yes, because it's been almost a full year (July 1st) since I was diagnosed with breast cancer again.

My Grandfather died 31 years ago, on June 12th, of cancer. I was almost 17 then, I lived with my Grandparents and that was my first and most traumatic enconter with the "Beast", until I had to face it myself. I loved him dearly as I know he loved me. 
Grandpa Barata and Grandma Maria (the survivor)
Granpa Arteiro and Grandma Lourdes
In fact, I lost 3 of my Grandparents to the "Beast". My Grandmother, his wife, survived it. She had breast cancer (twice, too) and she survived to be almost 95. She was a frail though tough woman. I inherited the bad gene from her, I like to think I also inherited her stubborness and strength and will to live. 
Grandma Maria at her 94th birthday
So today I like to believe I defeated the "Beast" for all of them. And for my Mother and my Son and for all the ones I care about.

For them, for myself, for Marjo, for Annette, for Meredith, for all the Women and Men out there who face cancer, whatever shape it takes when it shows up, I won.

It is not stronger than we are! 


(PS I had to edit this... I was so happy that I even forgot to add a title :-) )

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  1. Teresa, you bet you won!!!!!! Congrats, I have tears in my eyes as I write to you. I am so proud of you and your bravery. You are amazing and tough as nails. No one should have to go through cancer even once in a lifetime. You have beat this twice and you will have amazing health from now on. You are still in my prayers everyday.
    Hugs to you,

  2. What a fighter you must be... are.
    I don't know what the words are at a time like this...but I think you have said it all.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to identify the flowers...I always love knowing the answers...I'll have to see if we can grow them here...
    Take good care of yourself and know what a wonder you are...
    it's wonderful news... :)

  3. Hello! and Congratulations. Yes, I like to think of you as a fighter and a winner!! I think your grandmother has been holding your hand.
    Much Love,

  4. I am happy for you! You are such a great, strong and inspiring woman! You deserve health & happiness! I am praying for you!

  5. You can do anything :) im so glad and proud to say i know a person that is this strong
    now you go and do all the things you whant to do and have fun while youre at it

  6. What a wonderful lady you are.

    Well done Darling, and all the very best for the future.

    You should be celebrating today!!

    Have a wonderful day, and once again. WELL DONE!!!!!


  7. Yessss, you bet and you won...I'm so happy for you...really I am....
    I had tears in my eyes when I read your email ....
    I promise , when my treatments are gone...my chemo and radiotherapy...and I feel good...I come to Portugal ,to visit you....

    We are strong women....we'll survive !!!
    I hope you have a nice dinner yesterday...and send me the bill for the bottle of wine :-)


  8. Thank you, all of you, my dear far away friends. I'm still trying to readjust to life without a fight :-) but then the fight is never completely over, we always have to keep our eyes open and all our senses keen to help ourselves.
    I'm not sure of how tough I am, I just know there are a lot of reasons to fight for! And each and every one of you has helped a lot on this journey.
    Thank you!

  9. Like Meredith, I have tears in my eyes too! But can I tell you? I just LOVE those PINK boxing gloves! How clever are you? Yes, my friend, your fight with the beast is complete and I'm sending a huge hug of congratulations! Radiation is harder than anyone thinks...that burning is awful. I feel for what you're going through presently. Those are memories that stay fresh no matter how much time passes! So proud of your brave fight - and such a cute Grandma you have! A strong spirit and will are oh so important to the fight...so in her memory...fight on! Enjoy your free days ahead...no more daily visits to the radiation dept. YAY! x&o and thank you for the mention here in your post...you're a sweetheart! Annette

  10. You are so right in that it is a battle and you have won! I have lost family to the big C and I know those who have beat it too. My hearty Congratulations! May it stay forever away from you!


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