segunda-feira, 30 de maio de 2011

Just a little eye candy

My heart stopped when I saw Marilyn's post on Room on the Left last Friday because I had just taken these photos in the afternoon... could they be the same flowers, across the ocean?!
Nope... they are both gorgeous yellow flowers but not exactly the same... and they both caught our eye!

This photo actually has a better color (gotta start carrying my camera around, the cell phone just doesn't do the job sometimes...) but still a bit too blueish...
And while we waited for the boys' to finish swim class (actually just the little one, the other has a broken arm from roller skating!) I went around snapping a few shots... 
I really wish I were a botanist to know what these flowers and trees are! They just take my breath away... don't you just love the little heart shaped flowers?
...these I do know, they're jacarandas--don't know if they have a different name in English...
My favourite time of the year, when there are fantastic colours all over the place! Lisbon is full of them...
And of course, my little balcony... the hydrangea :)
Again, so pale here when they're actually a nice pink shade! Right next to the lucia-lima plant (aloysia citrodora, lemon verbena) which I love for infusion, my baby medlar tree (waiting to be transferred from the pot to the ground) and the ginger root happily sprouting again in the top left corner :)

Still need to get some lavender, coriander and oregano, for my little aromatic herbs "garden".

I'll be back later on with some updates on the WIP--and to answer some questions you asked on my last post!

Happy Monday!

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  1. we all need some flowers in our lifes :))) love love its good for the soul to have such beauty around you !

  2. Jacarandas...oh how I miss those. Where I was born and raised, they were plentiful. Where I live now...NONE! Clouds of purple used to grace the landscape in May. But don't park your car beneath a tree that's dropping blossoms because they take the paint right off! And your hydrangea is just as gorgeous as mine! Love THAT shade! Sending warm hugs to you! Annette

  3. Teresa, love the flowers, the colors are amazing. Hope you are feeling well, sending you positive healing thoughts,

  4. I never get tired of looking a flowers especially pictures of flowers in other countries. I am always amazed when some of the same flowers I have in my garden are displayed on the blog of someone in . . say Australia. Its amazing.

    I love the pics you have taken and those heart shaped leaves are too beautiful.

  5. all those flowers are just yellow one is called Appalachian sundrop and is a wild one...I collected wild flowers a few years ago when they started building houses around us..and I am so glad I did!! do you know what the red heart shaped ones are?


It's always great to read your comments! :) Thank you!


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