terça-feira, 10 de maio de 2011

A long walk...care to join me?

Yesterday I felt the sudden urge to go for a walk by the ocean... so there I went, off to the beach!
As I was nearing I noticed the trees had blossomed... into red pompons! How cute can they be?! I'm not sure if I had ever noticed them before, but then there are a lot of flowering trees around that I hadn't noticed before... Is it me or is it an exceptional year for flowering trees?! The others that are just starting now are the jacarandas that make me sigh in awe each year...

And off I went on my quest for some sun... not too much because the doctors say I'm getting quite a bit of radiation and don't want to add on to it the sun's... So there's no chance I can lay there in a bikini (wishing it  would fit lol) until 2 weeks after I end the treatment. But they didn't say I couldn't get some sun on my face, or legs!

One day I'll have to find a way to go here. This lighthouse stands alone in the middle of the Tagus River mouth, just in front of Oeiras. You can take a closer look at it here or here. It was once a prison :( but now it's just a lighthouse and they call it the Guardian of Lisbon and the Tagus River.

I set foot on the "paredão", the sidewalk by the ocean that was built not long ago to join the beaches of Paço d'Arcos and Oeiras, all the way to the Marina. I wasn't planning on going that far, this time (it's almost a 10 km walk, there and back home).

...and even stepped over the little bridge where the fishermen are usually casting their poles (nobody there at that time) to get a better view of it, the rocks and the fortress.

See those tiny people on the sidewalk? Well, one of them could have been me :) 

Looking back at the little beach of Paço d'Arcos...

And closer to the Forte de S. João das Maias, which was recently restored... this is what it looked like before and this is what it looks like now, after the wonderful work they did on it, last year. My picture doesn't do it justice...

...but I kind of like this one, even if it's a bit out of foccus! Not a cloud in the sky...

well... barely any!

...and I finally got to the beach of Oeiras, where I used to spend my summers as a teenager :) 

Couldn't resist stepping into the sand and getting my feet wet...

--and suddenly I spotted a bottle of Coke in the water which reminded me of "Message in a bottle" by Nicholas Sparks (one of my favourite books, by the way)... I had to pick it up--no, no message there, but I was a good girl and trashed the bottle in the garbage bag...

...but sort of miscalculated the strength of the waves wopsss!!! Wet sweats...

Oh well... just had to sit down on the warm sand for a while enjoying the rays of sun soaking in while I waited for the pants to dry up ;)
And that's it for today :) says Teresa the red-nosed girl, hope I brought a little warmth and sunshine your way! 

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  1. This is so great. I think where I live is the only place in the world right now that has been cold and rainy all spring. I love looking at happy, sunny pictures from other places :) It makes me feel like I took a little trip!

  2. Oh Teresa, what a wonderful pictures !!
    10 km walk ?! oh y goodness, that's to far for me ....I get tired when I think about it....
    lovely picture of your shade ....

    Lovely greetings

  3. wow so beautiful ,and i remember the beach i whent to in Portugal so pretty and wonderful sand ....
    i love to walk ,i take 10 km walks 4 to 5 times a week ,thats my time to be with my self and i love it

    i would love to go back to portugal ,i was like 18 or 19 years old when i was there ... long time ago hehehe
    take care

  4. Teresa, you look beautiful sitting in the sand on a beautiful beach. So glad you had such a lovely walk.

  5. This is a wonderful post. The scenery is so beautiful. You look very pretty in your picture too! I think you live in a happy place. I always think of the sun as a symbol of hope. What can be bad on a sunny day!!
    xx, Carol


It's always great to read your comments! :) Thank you!


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