terça-feira, 31 de maio de 2011

A quick snapshot

Driving through an old part of Lisbon...
...a bunch of pidgeons trying to make musical notes on some wires :)


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  1. i wake up from bird singing every morning almost and then i think please can i just sleep just a litle longer :)but its so pretty and cute those litle songs they sing

  2. Hi Teresa,

    Lovely bird picture an beautiful music from the birds singing...

    I won the give away from Lindevrouwsweb,a beautiful crochet pillow....and 50 followers today ...jiehaaaaaaaaaa

    Love Marjo

  3. The birds caught my eye in my blog roll. Then I wrote what you said and I thought about them singing, though I'm not sure pigeons sing. I have only heard them coo. Then I looked at the pick again and they look like musical notes on a page.

    So what did you see? or hear?
    xx, Carol

  4. they do look like notes, so fun that you caught that on your drive. Hope you are having a great day,


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