segunda-feira, 2 de maio de 2011


This was a gift from my brother, many years ago. It's been on my jacket front pocket since then. 
Do you know what it is? 

Today I just wanted to say thank you to my brother, and to tell him how proud I am to be the sister of a US Navy SEAL Veteran. 

Thank you!

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  1. Nice post Teresa.
    My husband and I like to wander around flea markets and antique shops and find this kind of insignia often. I usually buy them because I think its sad that a man is awarded this honor and somehow it is abandoned, probably when he has left this earth. I have a denium jacket that I have placed them on as an honor to our veterans.
    (Incidently, my husband is an Army veteran who served in Korea during the Conflict when North Korea captured our ship the Pueblo and took our men hostage.)
    xx, Carol

  2. Thanks Teresa, my dear daughter for your message.
    As a mother of a Veteran Navy Seal, today is a special day, I am very, very proud of my dear son Zé.
    xxx, Fernanda

  3. Wopss... I stand corrected by my "little" brother, SEALs and not Seals... sorry!
    Thank you, Carol, it's a tough life the Armed Forces men and women lead trying to make the world a safer place for us to live in...

  4. Obrigado Teresoca e Mamã...It is with pride that I served at the side of those that stand for justice and those that help free the world so that everyone can live in peace and harmony...bjs…Zé

  5. nice ...
    you have a good brother there ,so good to have good siblings (i have 2 )

  6. Today and every day your pride must be amazing. What an important day in history it is and without Navy SEAL's it would have happened. Thanks to your brother and everyone in the military for their hard work. My father who is still alive fought in WW II, so thankful for all he did.


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