terça-feira, 24 de maio de 2011

A new WIP and a small tutorial

One of my nurses is pregnant, a baby girl on the way... so I decided to make her a little baby blanket (those girls most certainly deserve it! They are always so sweet and caring...)

In pink and white, of course... 
...and a lovely soft cotton thread because she will be born in August and that is a very hot month around here!
About a quarter of it is ready, it's so easy to make and will be ready soon!

In the mean time, as some of you have asked for a tutorial on this stitch, here it is (you'll see how easy it is!)

Most of the effect on this comes from the variegated yarn but it will look good too if you use single colour yarn. In fact, as I was making a small sample I thought it would be a great stitch for a baby blanket too, if you make it in a soft yarn instead of mercerized cotton as I used in my bag.

Here's a tentative description for it. 

For starters you have to make a chain as long as you would like, multiples of 4 stitches plus 1 or 3 (3 may be better but I used only 1 in my tutorial). Then make 3 rows of short stitch as a basis for the work. Remember, my tutorial won't be exactly as my bag because I was working in the round (not turning it around at the end of each row) so all stitches are facing the same way. That will account for a slight difference but I don't think it's too important as the final result is similar.

After the first 3 rows in short stitch you'll start the pattern itself. 

Make a *double stitch on the first short stitch; for the next one insert the needle 2 rows below in order to create that "pulled thread look" making a "long double stitch"; another double stitch; chain one**. Repeat from * to ** to the end of the row. 

The next row is all made in short stitches.

Then switch colors (or you could use the same, the effect will be less visible but it will be a more textured effect). 

As you start, keep in mind that you'll be making a long stitch over the "holes", that is, on the spaces where you have made a chain previously. So you'll be setting off the pattern by 2 stitches--start by making a *double stitch, chain, double stitch, long double stitch, double stitch** and then repeat the pattern.

Confused yet? I hope not :(  Now in pictures...

The base 3 rows of short stitch are done, and then starting the pattern itself: double stitch, "long double stitch" inserted 2 rows below, double stitch, chain, repeat...
When you finish that row, make a new row of short stitches
Switch colours again and offset the pattern so that the long double stitch ends up on top of the chain stitch 2 rows below: start with one double stitch, chain, double stitch, long double stitch, double stitch, repeat. Make sure you don't pull the thread too tight so that it doesn't "crumple" and stays flat.
And again changing colours (this is optional...)
And this is what it should look like in the end!
Sorry about the poor quality of the photos, my cell phone really does not cooperate sometimes!
But I hope I was clear enough in this tutorial--it's the first I've made so please forgive me if it's not too good. Let me know if you have any trouble and I'll try to straighten it up :)


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  1. Thanks for the instructions. I remember making an afghan years ago with a similar stitch. It must have been a gift, because it's not in my house now ~lol~.

    The baby gift is a nice gesture and an always appreciated kindness.
    Very thoughtful.
    xx, Carol

  2. ohhhh so lovely,crochet for a baby.....

  3. Brilliant, I'm keeping this tutorial in my Favourites for future reference. Thank you for sharing :-)

  4. Thanks for the pattern. The baby blanket is absolutely gorgeous, is it the same stitch?


It's always great to read your comments! :) Thank you!


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