domingo, 5 de fevereiro de 2012

Blue moon

Hello, dear friends

Sometimes you look in the mirror and don't feel happy about what you see. More exactly, who you see there, looking back at you. It doesn't feel like you, for some reason. 

Is it the winter blues? The shorter days, the fewer hours of daylight that get to you? The cold, and it's nothing to compare to the cold that's been going around in the rest of Europe or the World?

It's here, though. The blues. And that feeling you don't want that person to be there looking at you. 

So this is what I do. I go out, for a brisk walk by the ocean, breathe in all that beauty and come back home full of energy. To do even the stuff I don't like to do like household chores (sorry, that's just the way I am... I'm really not one of those people who love to do laundry and tidy up and all that stuff, but I do love a nice and tidy home and all the laundry put away :) )

And decide that girl in the mirror's got to go. Along with the things that make me feel blue :) and get back in my green mode again :)

Or teal... what do you think of my (soon to be) new log cabin patchwork cushion? :)

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Teresa, I have been feeling a bit blue myself and I live in warm sunny Florida. I just keep going, doing all I need to do just like you. I am going to sit outside today and read, because even living here I don't think I am getting enough Vitamin D.
    Hugs to you, and by the way who could be blue looking at that gorgeous shawl?

  2. it's's time to feel blue...but good heavens, look where you have to go to take a walk...not fair... :)x it will be over soon and then it all starts again...Spring Summer and Fall...and then it will be February again..see another year gone and the girl in the mirror will look back at you and say...hey, where does the time go??? Remember what they say on Pinterest...well...go find one of those pins that make you smile...

  3. Know the feeling lovely Lady, hope that this week will be a much better one.

    Love the shawl and the cushion ;-)

    Cheer up xxx

  4. I always feel like that around this time of year. I live in Northern Maine, and winter seems like an eternity. I really get cabin fever and yes a little bit depressed this time of year, but I know that spring is on its way soon....hopefully soon and that feeling will pass. Hope your walk way great. A little exercise does go a long way.

  5. Feeling blue can just sneak up on you sometimes and it is hard to shake off. I felt down at the beginning of January. There are no magic words to say, but I think keep going for walks on that beautiful beach and keep being creative... the colour therapy will help enormously! The shawl and patchwork look wonderful and I really love your blog banner. The colours are fabulous x

  6. I know that feeling dear friend ....I hope it will be spring soon ....

    You're cushion is lovely ...!!!!

  7. Hi Teresa
    This is what seems to be the first winter in years that the blues haven't hit me! We are having a wonderfully mild winter with little snow and more sun than usual. I suffer from SAD so its so great to feel this good in February.

    Hope you don't suffer too much. That walk along the ocean would be great.

  8. very nice cushion, i am also on the blues, lately i do a lot of thing in blue....


It's always great to read your comments! :) Thank you!


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