domingo, 19 de fevereiro de 2012

Meet Pascoal :)

Hello, dear friends!

Meet Pascoal :)

Pascoal is a cute little Easter bunny--less than 20cm tall, that is about 8" I believe. Easter in Portuguese is Páscoa, and that's where he got his name from--he's come here for Easter!

He's acqua and has cute green shiny eyes. And he's smiling at you.

Pascoal has a little turquoise coat with a white button because the days are nice but it's still chilly out! 

"See how tall I am? Thiiiiiiiiiiiiis big!" he says

And it's really hard to get a really good picture of him now, because his color is so much prettier than it looks here!

Pascoalito is looking forward to having a bigger family--'cos I've told him there will be others! And maybe some of them will move to other homes to live in little children's pockets or sit on their beds... but that's ok, because they'll always stay in touch!

You'll be able to find him here too...

Have a great week!


4 comentários:

  1. I love him!!! Oh my the cuteness. When my great niece was young I knit her up two bunnies with tu-tu's and ballet slippers that wrapped up their legs. She named them Lisa and Laura and they were a big hit.
    Hope you have a fantastic week.

  2. What an adorable Pascoal! He's simply precious. Beautiful work, my friend!

  3. He looks so lovely and cute ....



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