quarta-feira, 23 de março de 2011

African flowers :)))

I'm happy! It's a wonderfull, sunny (and a bit windy) Spring day, the sun is pouring in and I've got a bunch of african flowers to put together for a bag :)

8h30, the sun is still low... but I love seeing all the light come through the window!

...and casting shadows all over the place...
A closer look at the real colors of this variegated yarn...

...even closer...

... and the big question is, do I join them in off white, as I am doing here? Light pink? Pale green? It's going to be a little spring-y bag...

 Hope you like it!

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  1. Estão a ficar lindas!!
    Adoro as cores e estou para fazer uma manta com estas flores à séculos!
    Parabéns pelos trabalhos.


  2. Obrigada, Marlene! Esta marca (Katia) este ano tem linhas fantásticas, com cores absolutamente deliciosas, só apetece começar 50 projectos duma só vez :)
    As flores são facílimas de fazer (há tutorials em vários blogs, como Attic24, By Elizabeth Cat, The Flower Bed) tal como as Japanese Flowers...
    Também gosto muito dos seus trabalhos!

  3. i wish i could read what you two just said :)
    but those flowers sure look good and i think i would go for the white ,makes the flowers stand out more i think
    i should stop baking and keep on hooking my blanket LOL

  4. ooooh... i can't wait to see this made into a bag, it will look gorgeous! I would edge in white, but pink would look good also x

  5. Hi Teresa! It will be a beautiful bag whatever color you choose. Very pretty.

  6. Valeria, that's how I feel when I read a lot of comments on German, Dutch or Nowegian blogs :)
    I thanked Marlene for her comment and told her the yarn I use (Katia brand) has fabulous colors this year and I feel like starting about 50 projects all at once. I told her that the tutorials for the flowers can be found in Lucy's blog Attic24, or Elizabeth Cat's or The Flower Bed...
    As to the cooking, please don't stop posting your yummy recipes, I drool everytime I read them! lol

  7. MeMe Rose and Pammy Sue, I tried the pink and thought it looked... too pink! I was afraid the white would make it look too washed-out... so I tried the pale green, I'll post a picture so you can give your opinions--still not sure about it!
    But they do look good together :))))
    Thank you!

  8. Oh my goodness, I'm in love. That color combination makes me want to drop everything and make a bag just like that! You're so inspiring.

  9. Teresa, can you please tell me exactly which Katia? Can't find it and at Katia they can't find it either?

    greetz, Jehanne

  10. Hi Jehanne!
    You can find it on the Katia site, at http://www.katia.es/eng/home.php:
    Products, Spring / Summer, Bombay, I believe this is color 2003 for the variegated yarn; the single colors are Capri--on the site they only show 5 but they have a lot more colors!
    Hope this helped!

  11. Thank you Kristen, I look forward to seeing your work too :)


It's always great to read your comments! :) Thank you!


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