quinta-feira, 24 de março de 2011


Let me introduce you to 2 of my best friends: Smartie and Pantera. They came into our lives 15 (Smartie) and 13 years ago (Pantera). Both were street cats I brought in--I confess, I am a cat person! Is it from being a Leo...? 

Anyway... some of these pictures were taken a while back. Smartie has left us, he didn't make it to 2010. But he's still in our hearts and sneaks up on us every once in a while in some photo or memory. I love seing Elizabeth Cat's blog because he resembles hers so much...

So today, instead of my flowers (which are coming along beautifull if I may say so) I'll show you some of the best moments caught on candid camera :)

Yes, we do love sleeping on this bed...

But I'm not picky, the couch will do as long as you're close by, Teresa!

Am I overweight, Smartie? Please, plese be honest!

No, I won't look at the scale, noooooooooo!!!
What do you mean, you can't see...???
This is so not me... I can't believe she got me posing as the Easter Bunny... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
What do you mean, it's not cold today??? It's freeeezing! This is the best spot in the house and it's MINE!

A little tummy massage? Ok, but then it's my turn!

Oh please, please let us rest... we're tired... from napping...

How the heck did she find me up here???? I thought I was undercover...

Well, guess not... I'm out of here!

Watch out, Smartie!

That's right, I'm a black beauty :) aka Pantera

So what... I'm a stunner too...

(Guess what... Pantera is sitting right next to me, looking at the pictures...)

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