segunda-feira, 14 de março de 2011


I just recently discovered what this means... that's what you get from being bilingual but not quite up to date on both languages! It took me a while... and then I discovered it's the word I've known all my life. I have a terrible tendency to fall in love with a zillion projects and want to make them all at the same time! So I start one and jump off to another then add a few more rows or flowers or squares or whatever to the first ones... but I guess you know as well as I do what I'm talking about, right? At least most of you... :)

So... here's the amigurumi penguin for A's teacher, halfway done... an hexagon cushion cover ready to sew thanks to Mommy's help darning the ends, for the boy's room... and a bunch of hexagons ready for another... a granny stripe blanket barely started, to go with the cushions... a flower using Elizabeth Cat's tutorial... a bunch of flowers for a flower bag... a Queen Anne scarf almost ready...
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!! And there are about one million other beautifull things I'd love to start right away!
Crochet helps me calm down. It makes me feel peacefull, relaxed, not think too much about being ill or having to go to my treatments. It helped me breeze through to the last one (I hope!) which will be on this Friday, the 18th, and hopefully will help me get over the remaining side effects that will take longer to disappear and radiotherapy, which is yet to come.
Yes, crochet and knitting are blessings for someone like me :)

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  1. I love the way you use colour and the stripe blanket will be striking when its finished... the flowers using ElizabethCat tutorial are lovely and I think I will try this sometime. Looking forward to following your blog x

  2. Thank you, MeMe Rose :) I hope to post a couple more photos of it later on today. It takes forever... but it's so relaxing to make, and I think it's coming along nicely, if I may say so...

  3. Well, I'm laughing at this post. And much of it is nothing to laugh at! But what captured my laughter is your numerous projects. Oh my goodness, I have each one of those SAME things going on! Flowers, Queen Anne's Lace Scarf, blankets, hexagons and, and, and! Toooooo funny! But, while it gets us all in a tizzy about starting things, it really is most calming and therapeutic! I love that pillow cover you did! x&o, Annette


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