quinta-feira, 17 de março de 2011

The granny stripe blanket and so on

Just thought I'd post a couple more pictures of the boys' granny stripe blanket (oh my, this takes soooooooooo long!!!)

Together with the pillow cover in hexagons... that started out to be a blanket!

On its own...

All of a sudden I decided to deviate from the pattern... threw in a couple of odd rows and went back to the partial rainbow pattern.

Why do the colors seem so blahhhhh when they're so bright?? :( I suppose it would help if it were sunny out... but the sun seems to want to keep hiding! They say temperatures will be up in the 20's in the weekend, I sure hope so!

Ok, here's another one... just testing, I promise!

The big boy's room is undergoing a bit of restyling--now that he's almost 18 I guess it's ok to take away some of the kiddy stuff that's still lingering around... not that he complains, mind you! I think wouldn't care if his old favorite stuffed animals "lived" in his bedroom forever (while dressing black Metallica t-shirts...) just for old times's sake. He's funny that way... no problem showing he cares about his old "friends" at the same time he goes out dancing with his pals or gets all psyched about the bands that will be playing here this summer.
So... we agreed on a red wall (one! and half) and the others ivory, and I just got him a bed cover in shades of grey. 
When I started the younger boys' afghan / pillow I began toying with the idea of making him an afghan too, in these colors:
I got these Patons Behive yarns many years ago on a sale and thought of turning them into sweaters, but obviously didn't finish the projects... They should be more than enough for the afghan, 10 balls each the red and the grey! I'll need to get one or 2 more black, maybe off-white too, but that's it :)So... the big questions! One or 2 rows of red? Should I make all squares the same or alternate the grey and red inside and out...?  

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  1. I love the colors you are using the blue so nice and bright. Love the red and gray colors. Love the brightness.

  2. Thank you! :) maybe orange would go well in his room too, but I'll try to stick with the yarn I already have to try to lower the stash ;)

  3. Oh Teresa, the colors are sooo amazing! I love both the stripes and the hexagons... And the combination of those is thrilling. Love it! Enjoy your progress and have a great weekend,
    Love Maaike


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